Men of God YOU are the Miracle!


Men of God

we have a problem.

68% of church-going men, over 50% of pastors and 76% of Christians 18-24 years* old actively search for or consume porn on a regular basis……. that is not just a big problem, it is completely unacceptable!! Pornography use is tied to a wide range of issues in men’s lives. Pornography has caused tremendous personal damage in marriages, relationships and is a driving force behind human trafficking. This needs to change.  So, what is a solution?

Men are called to be protectors and providers. That is not just what men do; it is who men are. When that mandate is abandoned, sadly, men become the perpetrator rather than the protector God has called men to be.

Men of God

YOU are the Miracle.

That Miracle is in you because it is you! This is not about pornography,

but being the leader and protector God has equipped Men to be.

Men of God

Let us begin here.

Our goal is to challenge 1000 men to make a PLEDGE for FREEDOM. What does this mean?

This pledge means Men are in a fight for freedom for themselves and others.

This pledge will challenge Men to commit to fighting for:

– personal freedom

– freedom for the exploited

– freedom for other men

We need 1000 men to join this fight! Begin by becoming 1 of 1000 men NOW and receive your FREEDOM COIN.

Click the link below and PLEDGE for FREEDOM

Click Here to Be One of the 1,000 Men for Freedom

Men of God have Integrity

For a man, there are very few compliments that hold higher merit than being called a man of integrity.  There is little doubt that we live in a rapidly changing society where personal, moral, and Biblical integrity of men is challenged constantly. The goal of this movement is to connect men to Christ and further strengthen men to be the miracle our society needs today- Godly men of strong integrity. Click on the images below to watch a series of devotional videos on integrity.

Men of Identity

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