Your church can fight human trafficking this

Super Bowl Sunday!

Last year, over 311,000 people came into Las Vegas for Super Bowl weekend, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. And the game wasn't even played there. This year they are expecting MORE people since Las Vegas will be hosting the Super Bowl.

Large sporting events are two-fold. Not only do they increase labor opportunities, but there is an increase in the population of people who make prime targets for sex advertising. In fact, criminal sex rings will travel from one location to another to meet the potential demand of large sporting events. The McCain Institute says that there is an estimate of as many as 10,000 sex trafficking victims flooding cities that host the Super Bowl. If that estimate is correct, then it would make sense to double it for Vegas during that weekend.

Your church can make a difference. You can sign up for FREEdom Sunday, a movement to educate people about human trafficking during one of the most trafficked events, the Super Bowl. We will provide your church with social media graphics, sermon notes, projection slides, a handout, and a short video. We will also include a FREE International jersey for the first churches to sign up! So join us and make Super Bowl Sunday- FREEdom Sunday!